Inter Provincial Relocation: Why Working With A Reputable Staffing Vendor Gives Candidates the Edge

The result ofCanada’s 2011 population census, published in February of this year, revealed that an increasing number ofCanada’s workforce is migrating from east to west in search of employment.

While the skills shortage affecting Canada’s economy is widely reported, it is acutely felt in the western provinces. A dearth of skilled trades’ professionals already exists across cities such as Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon. Furthermore, the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada has forecast a skills gap of 9,000 workers by 2015 in the oil and gas sector, which may reach a gap of 100,000 skilled workers in the next eight years.

As the eastern economies falter, interprovincial relocation is on the increase. The latest figures reported by Statistics Canada reveal a population increase in Alberta alone of 29,100 (+0.8%) in the first quarter of 2012. Interprovincial relocation accounts for almost half of this figure, primarily from the provinces of Labrador and Newfoundland and Ontario. Figures across western provinces echo this trend.

While employment opportunities are undoubtedly available, the prospect of finding a suitable role is a daunting task for many eastern Canadians.

One solution for skilled trades’ professionals in search of suitable employment is to work with a reputable staffing vendor who can offer:-

  • Advice on the types of positions available, ranging from heavy equipment mechanics and Class 1 and 3 drivers to engineers, project managers, laborers and so on.
  • Guidance on appropriate training opportunities where skills need updating.
  • Up-to-date advice on regions specifically affected by the skills shortage and the types of positions available, whether permanent, project or seasonal.
  • Guidance on salary expectations and, equally importantly, the cost of living in the area, including advice on accommodation and schooling where relevant.
  • A one step in-depth interview process for access to the vacancies available through that staffing vendor.  This will negate the need for candidates to apply individually to potential employers. Rather than completing copious application forms, a reputable staffing vendor will take the time to assess an applicant’s aspirations and skillsets.
  • Advice on how to handle the interview process and offer support throughout, including follow-up after the interview.
  • Advice on the potential employer’s background and company culture.
  • Guidance through the salary negotiation process on behalf of a candidate.


Knowing which company to work with can be as daunting as the prospect of the job hunt itself.  For candidates unsure of where to start, the best staffing vendors will:-

  • Possess a track record in the technical and trades sectors covering industries such as mining, oil and gas, logistics and transportation or food and manufacturing.
  • Treat all applicants with respect and honesty and have an ethical reputation amongst both candidates and employers within its sector, understanding that its success depends on excellent relationships with both.
  • Network continually within the sector so they understand the issues faced by candidates in the interprovincial relocation process.
  • Be able to provide guidance on relocation and put candidates in touch with relevant official resources when appropriate.
  • Ideally focus solely on the recruitment of Canadian candidates.

When managed properly, interprovincial relocation can offer the best solution for Canadian workers in search of employment. By working with a reputable staffing vendor, skilled workers can be confident that they are being presented with the opportunities which most closely match both their qualifications and career aspirations.

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