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How is the corporate mindset changing in regard to women working in the trades?

Now more than ever, the skilled trades industry is encouraging women to pursue careers in the skilled trades. However, the traditional stereotype of trades being only for men is discouraging the majority of women in Canada from getting involved in the trades.   “Being successful means working smarter rather than harder,” says Caroline Lambrechts, a site service technician at StairWorld. “The biggest barrier is the mental barrier.”   With a...[Read More]

How safe is it to work in the Oil & Gas Industry?

When it comes to pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry, safety is generally the number one concern among young people and their parents. Although tough working conditions and hard labour are important parts of many jobs in the oil and gas industry, Enform is committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all industry professionals.   “We are working to continuously improve the safety performance of the...[Read More]

University or College, which is a better investment?

In Canada, choosing between college or university is one of the toughest decisions facing soon-to-be graduated high school students. Although most high school students will be university bound, it may not be the best decision for their future professional careers. In fact, more students are being encouraged to pursue college-level studies due to the growing number of job opportunities expected to become available for college graduates in the coming years....[Read More]

Here’s What Kenney Said

In Gatineau, Quebec on May 6th, 2014; the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minster of Employment and Social Development spoke at the Canadian Building Trades Conference. The topic of choice was Canada’s ongoing commitment to support apprenticeships and the skilled trades. Minister Kenney noted that Canada’s post-secondary education system is the key to a prosperous future in the Skilled Trades and necessary to grow the Canadian economy. At this conference, the Minister...[Read More]

A Brand New Low

According to the Globe and Mail recent post, the number of vacant Skilled Trades & Technical Roles will reach a new all-time-high number in less time. Previous statistics have said that by 2020 there will be 1 million vacancies, recent statistics suggest that by 2016 approximately 1.5 million vacancies will exist. Time to get a move on.   Mr. Harper in 2012 suggested that the growth and prosperity for the...[Read More]