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Why Is There A Skills Shortage in Canada?

Much debate abounds over the looming skills shortage in Canada when in truth it has already arrived. Earlier this year, the Petroleum and Human Resources Council forecast a shortage of around 9,500 jobs in the Canadian oil and gas industry alone by 2015. Areas specifically affected were quoted as British...

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Why Move to Western Canada for Work?

A new report from a Canadian think tank says that the economic heart of Canada continues to be found in the western part of the country. According to the Conference Board of Canada, cities in western provinces will see the most economic growth this year, led by Saskatoon, Calgary and...

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Shortage of Skilled Trades

There is a skills shortage in Canada. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business reports that almost half of their members said that the shortage of qualified labour was the most important issue they face. Things are expected to get much worse if nothing is done about it now. The problem...

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